Heather and I Lead Pastor: Reverend Austin Tucker

I am thirty-three years old and lived in Middletown, Ohio until the age of twelve when my family moved to Florida. I have been in full-time ministry since I was twenty years old finishing up my theological studies at Landmark in 2004.

God called my family and me to Gracepointe in November of 2008, where we have served faithfully now for seven years.

God has blessed me so much in my life, from my beautiful wife of fourteen years, to my three sweet babies. Though I am unworthy, God has seen fit to use me as a preacher and gift me with tools, which by my nature I would not have.

God’s calls for me to serve has been a most humbling experience. It is a joy to come beside my brothers and sisters to proclaim the Gospel in charity through the ministry that God has set before us by His sovereign grace and mercy. I firmly believe that churches are to plant churches. The propagation of the Gospel and the establishing of new churches (both home missions, and abroad) is at the forefront of my goals.

As the Lead Pastor at Gracepointe, God lead me a few years back to introduce a clear Biblical goal for our church in a simple phrase, “Love God, Love Others, Love Loud”. This is not just some slogan to me, I really feel this describes my philosophy for Ministry. Love God- our purpose, thou shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, Love Others- true community of growing, worshiping and enjoying God together, Love Loud- reaching the world and showing abroad the love of Christ. I believe whole hearty in the simple church design, as the way God intended for the church to propagate the gospel and disciple His sheep.

Wherever God may bring me, to make much of God is the end.

 Email: austin@gracepointe.tv


KendallFamily Life Center Director: Kendall Tucker

Kendall has been faithful at Gracepointe since his late teen. In 2014 he came to the Elder’s presenting a vision for a family life center that would reach the families of our community in a very practical way. Not realizing the gumption of this young man we gave him the go ahead and less than six months later over $100,000 worth of equipment was donated. Kendall is a very gifted Christian Hip Hop artist and is currently attending Fire School.     Email: Kendall@3nailsgym.com

Youth Directors: Robbie and Anna Stringer 


Treasure: Kathy Lane

Kathy has been faithful at Gracepointe for many years. She stays very busy as the treasure for the ministries of Gracepointe. She helps oversee the budgets of the School, Life Center and Church. She also the director of Children’s Church.


Ken Tucker, Garry Lane